Friday, December 7, 2007

Time for a New Tag

In honor of the holiday season, it is time for a new tag. You know the rules, so here are the questions:

What is.....
1. Your favorite Holiday Movie? Charlie Brown's Christmas and Home Alone 1

2. The best Christmas present you ever received? Phillip totally surprised me one year with rollar blades

3. Your favorite Santa memory? When we took the kids to see Santa and he told the kids that he was aware of them not being at home Christmas morning and knew that they would be at their grandparents house and he sometimes made special exceptions and they would get their gifts before they left for Fl. That evening when we arrived back home, Santa had visited and left two presents for each child that they had only told Santa during that visit, one hour prior. Miracles do happen at Christmas.

Do you prefer...

4. Colored or white lights? white

5. Artificial or real tree? Real, but I have artificial ones

6. Prelit or stringing your own lights? Prelit

Do you...

7. Bake anything special for the holidays? The four of us spend one to two days prior to Christmas baking lots of sweets and goodies, including my famous "orange juice" cake for neighbors, families, co-workers and freinds

8. Put your tree up before Thanksgiving? We usually start Thanksgiving night and continue throughout the weekend

What is your...

9. Favorite Christmas food? deviled eggs and ham

10. Favorite festive place to go? Christmas on Ice and riding around looking at the lights

11. Favorite Christmas Carol? Drummer Boy

12. Favorite Christmas Album? Acappella Christmas and Kenny G's Christmas

I now hereby tag JP, Alicia, Joanna, Judith, and Terri

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