Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Morning

Every year Jonah and Courtney decorates their own tree for their room. Last Christmas Courtney made the comment that she wished Santa would leave a present under her tree in her bedroom. Well that Santa must have great hearing, because this year Jonah and Courtney awoke to two presents under each of their trees. Moonsand and a Webkinz Reindeer, Courtney named hers Randy and Jonah named his Roxie.

Santa even left a present or should I say a bag full of new toys and treats for Rascal.

Webkinz in our Christmas tree! Yes, the big thing at our house right now are Webkinz. Both Jonah and Courtney are all in to Webkinz, BIG time. In fact, Jonah told Santa that he was going to go cheap this year and only wanted 4 Webkinz, nothing more. Well, he recieved three and since Santa sometimes has a big heart, he threw in a few more gifts to make it a wonderful Christmas.

Jonah and Courtney, Christmas morning in their Penguin PJ's, that they received Christmas Eve by way of their Advent Calendars and a clue to where they could find them.

Jonah and Trey, in their PJ's trying out their Ripstick that Santa brought them.

Digital Cameras from Santa


Dana said...

Andrew got a Ripstick, too. Are you as scared as I am? I see an ER visit in our future!

Emma's Mommy said...

Emma got a digital camera from her Aunt Tricia - somehow, I think that Courtney and Jonah's pictures are going to be a bit better :-) I hope you post some of their pictures on here. I love to see what kids take pictures of. It is like looking through their eyes. Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year from Kentucky to Florida...........we miss you!!!

8.5monthsapart said...

Dear Carla. I love you. From Lizzie and Rachel.

8.5monthsapart said...

Love the Christmas pictures. Miss you and hope you have a great New Year.