Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Celebrating the Holidays

Jonah and Cleave at the Youth Group Christmas Party. Jonah every few seconds would slowly rise up out of the present like a mechanical person and Cleave would sit there like nothing was happening. It was too funny.

Over the weekend both the tweens and the youth group celebrated Christmas with parties at the church. The the youth group celebrated Sunday after morning services with a family dinner and then a gift exchange and games for the youth group. This has certainly been a great experience for Jonah. The youth group has definitely opened their arms to welcome Jonah in. I know not everything is always perfect and a bed of roses but this group of kids including the seniors has made Jonah feel like a part of this family. I have learned that before too long some of the younger kids will be given "new names", which is a challenge for me b/c I barely know the kids real names. Like it took me several weeks to realize that Cleave's real name is Josh, go figure. I wonder what name Jonah will be given.

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