Monday, December 3, 2007

Decorating for Christmas

Well, I am back at it, that is playing around with digital scrap booking. It is truly not the same as scrap booking, but it is fun and I can sit in bed or on in the recliner with my laptop and get a lot more done in a short amount of time. Will I print these out, I am not sure, but for right now I am enjoying it especially when I can't sleep. Here are some layouts done with pictures that we took last week while decorating the Christmas tree.
Jonah, Courtney, and myself, I know we don't look very Christmasee (is that a word, I know we say it) but what do you expect when the AC is on and it is 80 degrees outside.

A new challenge...........trying to get the angel on top of our 9.5 foot tree. The kids had fun on Phillip's shoulders and Jonah finally got the angel in place. By the way this is the tree that we just purchased and was offered the 1 year warranty on it (believe me we did not fall for it).

This year Phillip took the camera from me and sat on the couch taking pictures, while the three of us decorated the tree in the living room. I love Christmas trees, in fact we will end up with 5 trees in our house before it is all said and done.

This is the tree that is usually in our kitchen/breakfast area. It is all red and white and has snowmen with cooking utensils all over it. I love this tree for its simplicity and uniform. We had to place the tree in the dinning room this year due to the space and windows in the kitchen. I originally placed the presents on the dinning room table so that our little one (Rascal) couldn't get his paws on them but everyone who comes over comments on how good they look there with my apothecary jars..

Rascal has truly enjoyed laying underneath the tree and so far he has not touched any of the ornaments, just one present.


Dana said...

Love the 9 1/2 foot tree. You look so small in the pictures where you are hanging ornaments on it. I normally don't mind the fall and winter weather because I like to bundle up in snuggly clothes, but this year, especially after our vacation, I could use some of your 80 degree weather. Maybe we'll just come spend Christmas with you! Miss you! Megan loved receiving Courtney's letter last week!

Terri said...

Your digital savyness is way too cute. Just don't quit scrapbooking - you have a great talent.

Emma's Mommy said...

I don't know how the pages will look if you print them - but on here they look great. It looks like they have some dimension to them. And 5 trees!!! I haven't even had time to get my ONE up! HA!!

Miss you guys!

Ashley Fowlkes said...

Jonah looks like the little man in his tank top! Courtney looks like an angel as does her momma. As for Phillip, well... just kidding! I can't believe the difference in our temperatures; today was freezing! Enjoy your decor and all the festivities. Holiday hugs to all.