Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poor Rascal

Poor Rascal received his first haircut last week and should I say I will not take him back to that groomer ever again. Totally changed his appearance but not his attitude, as my neighbor says "he is still rotten" and of course we love him no matter what.
Courtney loves her Rascal.


Do I Dare Blog? said...

Keith laughed harder about this than you all being Elfed! He asked if you tied a string to him when you take him out, just in case a good wind comes up so you don't have to re-name you blog "Flying with Rascal". We decided that with ears like that he had to be a Starling - because now he's ready to fly!!! Keith is also wondering if you had implants put in to hold those ears up, he's certain that being that big Rascal couldn't possibly hold them up himself!! We love the photos! We think you should send them to Steven Spielberg. It would be easy to convince him that Yoda and Chewbocca had a fling! That's the only way you could have such a cute little fur ball with ears that big!
Don't you wish you were still in Kentucky and you could get this teasing in person? LOL!!
Love to all! JP

The (Almost) Amazing Mommarino said...

Awwww, he's still so cute!

Emma's Mommy said...

He looks so different - but still really cute!