Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was kinda my weekend at the house.  Jonah and Courtney went to Gatlinburg with the youth group for CYC and Phillip worked.  So with the scrapbook retreat just around the corner and my scrapbook room in a disarray, sorta.  I devoted my weekend to preparing for the retreat.  I sorted through alot of stuff and pulled out over two boxes of items to sell at the consignment table. 

Then I started power sorting an album for the retreat and that's what led to this mess and an aching back!!  I do apologize for the mess, but trying to pack for a retreat is a crazy process that involves lots of bags, as you can see they were everywhere.
As I was on a hunt for the right paper, I decided that it was time to sort through my patterned paper which I keep stored and sorted by colors in paper trays on this book case.  By the way, ignore the shadeless lamp on top of the book case, it's my Goodwill find that I need to buy a shade for.
I must have sat on the floor for a good hour (therefore the aching back) sorting through and getting rid of paper, most of which were already sorted by colors but a couple of the trays at the top are speciality (seasonal, holiday, speciality, etc) those trays took the longest, since I wanted to sort them back out.

Sad thing is this is the after picture and you can barely tell that I removed any paper, but I do have proof (see next picture).
This stack of printed paper, is going on the consignment table in hopes of not making it's way back to my scrapbook room and instead into the heart of someone who could use A LOT of printed paper.  It's close to 4 inches and yes, that is my pile of stuff to sell in the background.
If you are wondering where I keep my solids, here you go.... 
 I used to have all my paper in trays but I found that I liked to having my solids where I could pack them up and take them to a crop if need be.  It's still tight when I'm looking for a certain color but I'm hoping that after this scrapbook retreat I'll use some of it and it won't be as tight.  There is always someone needing a certain color so maybe I can thin out some of my solids.

By the way, I did take a break to go see the movie, Safe Haven with Phillip.  It was just as good as the book, a must see!  As for Jonah and Courtney, they had a wonderful time in Gatlinburg with their youth group and arrived home safely Sunday afternoon.  The stories they told made me wish that I had went.

Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust Him, and He will help you.
Psalm 37:5

Blessings to all ~

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