Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heat Wave

For the third straight day, we set a new high temperature record in BG. Friday we reached 110° (second hottest temperature all time for the city), Saturday we reached 108° and today we reached 105°. A little too HOT if you ask me! Especially since last Friday we’ve been without one of our air conditioning units, in fact our main unit to be exact. So the kitchen and the main part of the house have been like an oven. The kids have been sleeping upstairs and during the day hanging out in our bedroom or the bonus room.  By the way, the high tomorrow is suppose to be 102°

As I stood in my kitchen tonight night cooking supper, I was taken back to days of when I was a kid growing up in my grandmother’s house, whom was better known as “Mema” to everyone. The only air conditioning that we had was a small tiny window unit that was in her dining room. Yet she cooked a many meals either with or without that AC unit running. Tonight I had a LARGE fan on the kitchen floor blowing air towards me. I had already baked a cake, had boiled potatoes for mashed potatoes and was frying chicken. I know many people today would have eaten out all weekend but we don’t function on eating out every meal but instead I made do and I as I stood there in my apron I thought this is how the women of years ago cook day in and day out, in the heat, usually finishing one meal just to start another no matter what the temperature is.

We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks, for Your Name is near...
Psalm 75:1

Blessing to all ~

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kylah's mommy said...

So thankful for the rain we got today! I think everyone will be grateful after those extremely hot days last week!!