Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a pretty relaxing weekend with no big plans. It felt SO good to just lounge around with my husband and kiddos. We did a few more things in the backyard, we are now down to the finishing touches on our backyard makeover and it is looking up!

Saturday morning the kids and I were up early and at the park by 6:30 for their morning run.  Courtney ran 8 miles, I am so proud of her dedication especially in this heat.  Jonah had a good run also but his best run for the week was on Friday when he ran 9 miles with the college boys at a below 7 minute pace.  We then left the park and headed over to the have the kids labs drawn for their upcoming sports physicals.  Courtney HATES having her blood drawn so I did not say much about going and having this done prior to.  Afterwards we stop by Sonic for a early morning drink, you can't beat the 99cent drink deal before 10 a.m. :)

At church on Sunday after communion Courtney reaches into my purse for some chewing gum and you'll never believe what she pulled out.....a FORK!!!!  Not a plastic fork, but one of our silver forks from the house.  Of course we all got tickled!!!  The fork was from when I got home on Friday from work and I had my hands full so I stuck the clean fork that I had taken in the van that morning to eat my bowl of watermelon with in my purse.  I will say it was hilarious when she pulled a fork out of my purse in church.  Ha! Ha!

After church on Sunday we had lunch at Buckhead, I love their house salad with chicken strips and banana nut muffin, YUMMO!!!  Courtney was full and to my surprise did not finish all her fries like normal but instead before I realized it was making this tower out of her leftover french fries.  I had to take a picture!!!  I guess when your kids play with their food in public during their teenage years you can take pictures of it, instead of scolding them like you would when they were little. Ha!

Sunday evening we were BLESSED with some much needed rain, thank you LORD!!!!  I am not sure exactly how much we received but parts around us received up to 3".  It did cool things down some which I was thankful for.  We are now on day number 12 with having only one AC unit running and let me just say that one AC unit doesn't cut it especially when the temps have been in the 100's, but the part is on the way, so we are told. 

That my heart may sing to You and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give You thanks forever.
Psalm 30:12

Blessings to all~

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