Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holiday World

Yesterday we took a day and headed to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, for a little roller coaster excitement and to try out the newest water slide, the Mammoth.  Which was AWESOME!! It just opened this year and it is the World's largest water roller coaster, it was so much fun!!!  Phillip went down the entire ride backwards since you are sitting in a raft that holds six people.  It was definitely a thrill.  While waiting in line for the Mammoth I'll say that I saw my fellow blogger and friend Tiffany and her family in line also.  I knew through facebook that she was heading to Holiday World but was surprised to see among so many people.  Hope she and her family had as good of time as we did.

It 's a tradition every time that we go, to get the kids picture with santa and the Holiday World sign.  Of course they fussed but you don't monkey with tradition, Ha! Oh, I made Jonah's girlfriend Morgan get in the picture, too!!
 I snapped this picture right after we finished the Raven, which was and usually is the first thing we ride when we get inside the park.  I just love the wooden roller coasters but they sure can jerk you around more then a regular coaster, at least I think they can.
 I got in TROUBLE for the next picture....ooops!!!  We were heading up to the drop off on the Voyage and I told Phillip and Courtney to turn so I could snap this picture. WELL, just about that time over the loud speaker the guy or should I say kid said, " lady with the camera, put your camera away."  I'm such a rebel. Ha! Ha!  Needless to say when we got off of the Voyage, nothing was said to me but the kids wanted to ride it again, especially Courtney.  Phillip opted out and the four of us rode it again.  Well right before we got back on there was a sign that clearly said no cameras on the ride....ooops!!!!
 I was pretty good about not taking a lot of pictures yesterday in fact what you see is pretty much what I took.  Of course with all the water rides, I value my camera a little more then to risk a picture for my camera plus it was about having fun and I did get a picture with a story behind it (the roller coaster picture).  I did however think to have my daughter take this picture of me and hubby before we ALL got soaked on the Raging Rapids.
 Let me just say for the record that I love my baby girl!!!! Courtney used to HATE roller coasters, now yesterday, we could not keep her off of them.  She and I out rode everyone, in fact we rode the Voyage three times.  The last time we rode the Voyage we kept our hands up in the air the whole entire time and that is not an easy roller coaster to do that on.  She's definitely got roller coaster fever!!!
It made for a long day but we had a BLAST!!  The lines were not long at all except for the Mammoth and then it wasn't that long of a line. 

Restore us, O God Almighty; make Your face shine upon us...
Psalm 80:7
Blessings to all~

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Deaton, party of 5 said...

Tell Phillip I was lucky enough to BACKWARDS the entire time on the Mammoth as well. I was pretty much soaked and confused the entire time =). What a fun day though (not so much for my feet)! Glad we ran into each other from a TWO-hour distance =).