Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ten Things on the 10th

  1. I am addicted to the candy Now or Laters right now.  I loved them as a kid and then Phillip brought some home back around Easter and now I am hooked on them again.
  2. It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of shopping for a car for Jonah right now.  Where has my little boy gone???
  3. My migraines have decreased since March, can't figure out if it has anything to do my gallbladder sugery or changing jobs, both happened within a week of each other. 
  4. The theme for our Summer series at church on Wednesday nights this summer is Building Stronger Families.  Last Wednesday night was our first lesson was Improving My Marriage by Improving Myself.  I am very excited about this summer series, it's focus is on the practical things in our relationship and will help even those not married.
  5. Phillip and I sleep with a small fan in our room at night just for the noise.  Well last week, Jonah took the fan to camp, needless to say neither one of us could sleep that first night.  Finally about midnight I got up and turned on the blower in the bathroom so that we could set some sleep.  Who would have thought???
  6. I listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio every afternoon on my way home from work.  It's only for 15 minutes or so, but that is the first thing I do when I get in my van is turn the radio to 99.7.  Talk radio, me really???????
  7. I will say that I am HAPPY with the new blogger website, well new to me since I fell of the blogger wagon for about a year.  Uploading pictures and placing them in a post is soooooo much easier now. Thanks Blogger!!!! :)
  8. It saddens me when I look at the blogs that I used to follow and REALLY only one of the original twenty or so bloggers that I was following in 2007, still blogs on a regular basis.  My hat goes off to you, Tiffany!  I really wish I had kept it up on a regular basis :( 
  9. I just ordered something that I am sitting on the edge of my seat until it comes in.  I am like a kid at Christmas right now, it is all I do not to think about it.  I'll share it with you when it comes it.
  10. In just two years Jonah will be getting ready to head off to college.  I find this so hard to believe and Courtney will be a Junior.  I can't imagine our house with only one child in it and then two years later the possibility, depending on where Courtney goes to school, our house being without kids.  I know that some time from know, but when you stop and think about it, it's not.  :(
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!!

LORD, be gracious to us! We wait for You. Be our strength every morning...

Isaiah 33:2

Blessings to all~

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