Monday, June 11, 2012

Track glad it is over

Well, I am not ashamed to say that I do not have a heart for track and field I enjoy it but the season just seams like it lasts forever!!  Jonah and Courtney runs track for the conditioning that they receive for cross country, but with track the meets are usually long, the weather is usually cold and well, it's usually very disorganized and you know me I can't stand that.  My heart just goes out for cross country. 
One thing that I do like about track and cross country is that the kids set their own goals and try to beat them.  This year BOTH Jonah and Courtney lettered so another bar goes on the Letterman jacket,
WHOOO HOO!!!!  I am so very proud of both of them.

Here are a few pictures to summarize the season along with the kids PR's for the season.

 Courtney's personal best for the 2012 track season
2012-04-14   800m      2:59.55PR       Hopkinsville Invitational  

2012-04-17   1600m    6:39.17PR       Sky Conference  

2012-05-01   3200m    15:20.07PR    Bowling GreenCity-County Meet  

2012-05-26   400m      1:16.36PR       KTCCCA Middle School State Championship

 Look at those legs of Jonah,
I don't think  he has an inch of fat anywhere on his body.
Jonah's personal best for the 2012 track season
2012-01-21   1 mile     5:11.86PR      Wildcat Classic

2012-01-21   800m     2:21.33PR      Wildcat Classic

2012-04-17  1600m    4:58.50PR      Sky Conference
2012-05-01   3200m   10:54.82PR     Bowling Green City-County Meet

Track Banquet Pictures ~
Coach Winquist and Courtney

Coach Eaton and Courtney

Courtney and Katherine

I think the picture is funny because all the girls except for Emily on the far left had lettered before so they were given this little bar to go on there letter.  It was cute the way they were holding it.  :)

Academic All Stars for the high school team.
Way to go, guys and girls!!!

Courtney and Wade ~ We're going to miss this guy
 as he goes off to college next year.  He's a great kid!
Jonah with his bar for his letter :)

Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
Luke 13:35

Blessings to all~

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